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Dental Patient Safety

Safe Dentistry in Williamsport

After recent global health issues, we are more dedicated now than ever before to patient safety. Our Williamsport dental practice has ALWAYS focused on sanitation and cleanliness standards — and the last two years have been no different. To continue to curb COVID-19, we are dedicated to taking extra time to sanitize and clean surfaces in accordance with the CDC guidelines. This means that we disinfect surfaces before, during, and after dental appointments to ensure the safety of all of our patients.

At Ecker Family Dental, our focus has always been on patient-centered care. Here, you can expect to find our practice thoroughly cleaned to keep you and your family healthy and safe.

Ecker Family Dental in Williamsport

Safety Steps We’ve Taken

We take pride in making our office a safe, sterile place for dental care. Our focus has always been on sanitation and your family’s overall health. But during the height of the pandemic, we took extra precautions to ensure patient safety by:

  • Pre-screening patients
  • Requiring masks
  • Taking extra sterilization precautions before, during, and after appointments
  • Wearing fluid-resistant gowns, N95 masks, eyewear, and gloves
  • Installing a high aerosol HVAC system

By taking these measures, we were able to ensure that our environment was safe, clean, and sterile for everyone who stepped through our doors!

Our Commitment to Patient Safety

At Ecker Family Dental, your health, as well as the health of our team, is always our first priority. We know that the past few years have been a challenge for everyone, and we want to help you get back
on track.

Whether we are facing a global health issue, or it’s just another week in the office, our focus will always be the same: health. So, if you have been hesitant about scheduling an appointment, don’t be. We vow to keep you and your family healthy (and sickness-free) to the best of our ability.

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